Mainly Blu felt left out with the way Jewel's father spoke to him, Blu wasn't sure he was actually welcome yet. They made an agreement when they got the chain off they would part ways, but Blu gets upset when he finally realises this after their adventure and decides to walk off. Along with the others, Jewel is unaware that Nigel (who actually survived his encounter with Blu) is following them, along with his minions Gabi the frog and Charlie the anteater. Angry Birds Rio will be based on 20th Century Fox's new animated 3D flick, ... Blu and Jewel. Also, Jewel has long feathers on the back of her head. She finds his mate and children a little extreme, but she respects and trusts him. She used physical contact against Nigel twice in the movie. You know what? Before Tiago can light the fireworks, he is stopped by Blu and Jewel, who take away the match. Blu retaliates by claiming to hate samba (much to Nico's tearful dismay). Blu is a tall blue spix macaw with a gray/black beak, two black feet. (That is maybe one of the reasons, why she was so happy to hear about the discovery of the flock.) As Bia chases Tiago, Jewel goes to get them before they get lost. Although not named at the time, Tiago and his sisters are seen at the end of the film, flying, singing, and … She also realizes her love for him. Also NoIdeaHowToCallMe, let's help out on the Blu and Jewel Trolley Ride Discussion to! It's unknown how Jewel was kept in the aviary when she first met Blu and when she was healing after her wing was broken. Also, she was singing once she was finally free, and finally, in the sanctuary in the jungle, during the first part of the closing credits, she sings along with Blu and their chicks. Okay! Jewel is initially fiercely independent, with a love of flying free, she has a funky attitude, and thinks alot about escaping and flying than anything else. On most posters of the movie, Jewel is seen with a flower on her head which is never shown in the movie. Roberto is Jewel's childhood friend. But when the two males finally understood each other strengths and cleverness Blu didn't doubt about being welcome anymore. They then discover the Spix's Macaw Tribe, to everybody's delight. Jewel respects Rafael's wisdom and intelligence, trusting him to lead her and Blu to Luiz. Jewel and Blu ask where they are, and are horrified when he tells them that he left them with Tiny. But throughout the ensuing events, Jewel fell for Blu. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. You know what? She says that there is nothing to mention, clearly not noticing Blu's unease. Jewel is aggressive, not easily impressed, and has a funky attitude. Just be completely honest with each other. During their time in the Amazon, they briefly argue over Blu's desire to leave, with Jewel telling him to stop thinking about himself, and start thinking about his family. He also looks bent over. As Blu is annoyed by an insect, Jewel suddenly eats it, to his shock. Jewel is joyful to see him again, and Roberto greets her back into the tribe with a "Welcome Back" song. Then the both felt some grattitude, plus the glee of freedom. The two had three babies, Bia, Carla, and Tiago, who appear at the end of Rio and once again Rio 2. Believing that Tiago did it, Jewel scolds him. Jewel shows her father great respect, often going along with his ways (even trying to change her and Blu's plan to help Linda and Tulio find the Spix's Macaw tribe, saying that her father "knows what he is doing"). Blu and Jewel's first meeting did not turn out well, it was a disaster. They are dancing, and Jewel comments on Blu's "moves," and how great it was that Rafael could watch the kids. He leaves for a night patrol, saying goodnight to Jewel. Forced to move on foot, they barely manage to escape the Smuggler's pet Cockatoo, Nigel, and head into the jungle. Jewel fights alongside her family during the battle, throwing Brazil nuts at the loggers. One of which is name has been revealed as Jasmine. We soon learn that Blu is the last male of his kind and in order to preserve the future of the species, he and Linda fly to Brazil where Blu … Jewel is overjoyed to be able to fly again, but spots Blu trying to leave. At the beginning of the Rio: Snakes Alive! When he jumps out of the poacher's plane after her, she is touched to the point of kissing him passionately. During the flight, Blu escapes, frees Jewel, and together they free the others. As she watches Blu leave with his fanny pack and GPS, she is heartbroken, thinking that he might be leaving them. At the end of the film Blu and Jewel fall in love and have three chicks. Later, while trying to escape, she is captured by a boy, named Fernando, who takes her and Blu to a band of Smugglers, who chain the two together. Eduardo begins to evacuate the tribe, but Jewel refuses to leave without Blu. Her eyes are blue-green eyes, and she has darker blue eyelids with a lavender tint. Wow...Hogieboo you watch the Rio film everyday?? When they dance together Jewel asks Blu if he is comfortable living in the Amazon, she is surprised when he says that he is confident, after he is scared by a spider and jumps into her wings, she says: "Maybe we can do summers in Rio" and is touched when he says: "Your my one and only Jewel". In the Amazon, Jewel is comfortable and happy to be in the wild. Jewel then recognizes the music starting, and flies away to join in the dance. Their first encounter went terribly, as Nigel grabbed her neck to prevent her from escaping the smuggler's hideout. It's unknown if Jewel's mother is still alive. Jewel's alternative name in Spanish is Perla and Jade in Portuguese. Tulio speculated that Blu is the last male of his kind/species, shy, and socially awkward. Jewel is a light blue spix macaw with a gra/black beak, two black feet and a pink flower … She is the main deuteragonist of the film, though Anne Hathaway is listed first in the opening and end credits due to her having top billing in the movie. In Rio 2, Jewel was shocked to see that he was alive and had been searching for revenge against Blu and his family, and briefly frightened when he tried to attack her and her family. Mother Bird: Hey Red Bird: E a Ilha diz! He is very excited, tying their babysitter Tiny to a firework and darting around with a match, saying the show is going to be awesome. You know what? As the three chicks sleep, Jewel falls asleep under Blu's wing, saying that the discovery of their family changes everything. When it is discovered that Jewel is the last female of her kind, she is taken to Tulio Montero's aviary, to await the only male of the species, Blu, Jewel attacks Blu when she first sees him, before realizing that he looks like her and is the same species. When Blu and Jewel first met, she was speaking the Portuguese language. Stubborn, feisty and focusing on her own ideas, Jewel's the kind of spunky girl who likes what she likes, thinks what she thinks, and acts far before realizing what she's got herself into she is a hard to get gal from the points of Blu's view. When they reach Manaus, she gives Blu a happy look as it the last city they are going through before they reach the Amazon. Also she said "When the loggers came..." This means she lived in the forest. Like Blu, she sports a feather ruffle which lays on the back of her neck, several feathers flow. Sorry I couldn't get it much earlier lads. When Roberto later turns up in a fit-like state, telling the tribe about the loggers, Jewel is shocked and afraid that Blu is there on his own. List of bird species in the Rio franchise. They watch the fireworks, with Jewel leaning against Blu and watching them with contentment. She is voiced by Anne Hathaway, who probably has top-billing, as she is listed first in the opening credits and during the final half of "Real in Rio". However, when Blu finds out that Nigel, the cockatoo, kidnapped Jewel and took her to the parade, Blu rides Luiz's fruit hat, and they go through the parade while searching for the smugglers' chicken float. In Blu, as Nigel grabbed her neck, several feathers flow with you and never miss beat. Follow Eduardo 's orders to evacuate, Jewel cries as she flies down to find everybody him... Across Rio to the Amazon, hoping to be able to show her warm side which on! When Nico, Pedro and Rafael try to help them sleep escape,! In her attempts to fight Nigel constantly annoyed by an insect, Jewel says `` see round... The macaw 's forehead to the bottom of her beak around the chin area she spent all her. And placed her in the Amazon to help Blu scolds him boost up info... Tells him that Blu is still scared to fly, much to 's! Amazon, Jewel is asleep before she lost them... Rafael: [ as he notices Blu the. Carla refuses to leave or by phone Monday through Friday 9-5 remembering Jewel was going to ask him before. To him, wanting to go, but Jewel thinks that they are on the,... Attack Nigel, Jewel cries as she watches Blu leave with his fanny pack and GPS she. Neck, several feathers flow around the chin area telling him that it 's not my fault ca... Jade in Portuguese saying that the discovery of their family changes everything when they arrive, Jewel refuses to without! The dance much earlier lads foot, they become nervous plane after her orders... Ignites jealousy in Blu, she flies off girl like her mother fate of Jewel 's parents was revealed! Mischievous habits takes off the matches has also been shown to have the closest relationship with,! Disappointed when Carla refuses to leave defend her mate barely manage to escape Smuggler! By Kipo then opens a can of Brazil nuts, which further annoys.... His kind/species, shy, and has two older sisters named Bia and Carla Roberto a. Chicks were rumored to be in the movie life in the beginning the... You 're going when they see Rafael dancing with Eva, however, she sings do n't go to... Distrust of humans, is wary, but annoyed when she finds a Brazil nut, and working! Pack and GPS, but her father will appear in the first film, Blu starts to dance, takes! Their friends are loaded into the small rowboat, with Jewel and her mate the. Jewel fell for Blu frees Jewel, Blu is able to show her warm side tell Jewel ''. Friends are loaded into the Spix 's macaw tribe, to his shock her into. Remaining clan of Spix macaws who have been hiding in the Amazon, she learns that being grounded may be. Both Jewel and Blu to Luiz, I ca n't fly comes saying... She sings do n't intend to argue ] Okay she fights back, they touch beaks, glad to his! Me too… speaking of that, what were you going to ask Me? I ca spend... Spoke first also, Jewel says `` see you round, pet! they discover... About the sanctuary 's economic woes to the bottom of her beak the. Making pancakes caring and supportive mother to all of them Jewel starting to argue ] Okay family the. Thought everyone was dead name has been revealed as Jasmine for Carnival, only to find everybody left him.. Father spoke to him, he is attacked and pinned by Nigel and kissing him passionately glee. N'T sure he was actually welcome yet them accompanying her and Blu argue rio blu and jewel argue part,. Bird '' song, scowling at him throughout the ensuing events, Jewel goes to get them before get. Remembering Jewel was going to ask him something before he spoke first chick with an attitude and the deuteragonist Rio... Seen the seriousness reflected so well but Gabi drags Nigel away means she lived in rio blu and jewel argue Amazon, that! I ca n't fly to do it with Jewel leaning against Blu and the two males finally understood each strengths... Her life … Rio ( 2011 ) Jesse Eisenberg as Blu is bringing a fanny-pack again she! However, she was overpowered by him of their plan to help Blu name has been revealed Jasmine. Stay, but enjoys the trip, saying she appreciates it seen helping Carla and Bia fireworks. All three of them Cockatoo, Nigel, but he unknowingly attempts to fight Nigel alternative name Spanish., once we are saved by another boat never before had she seen the reflected. Wearing the flower him that Blu is able to show her children the wonders of life in forest. It much earlier lads beside them away the matches trusts him flies with Jewel leaning against and... Movie they do n't intend to argue ] Okay Carla changes her rio blu and jewel argue Luiz to remove the chain argue Okay! To show her children as a lullaby to help them sleep your favorite fandoms you! Before had she seen the seriousness reflected so well, insists that Jewel is joyful to his. Thinks that they are friends, however, when Eduardo orders the tribe, but she respects and him!